A Bit Of History

There is a growing and urgent need to improve society’s resilience to hydro-meteorological related hazards, mitigate the risk of dangerous climate change, and better manage risks and opportunities arising from climate variability and change. We still need to further develop and sustain a long-term and well-coordinated European modelling and climate service infrastructure. In addition, the current climate science, climate models and climate predictions are often not usable by decision makers, meaning either that climate information cannot be properly incorporated into their decision-making or their decisions are badly informed

Taking this into account and to serve society better we have to dramatically improve the following: our understanding of society’s needs; our understanding and predictions of climate; our capability in climate and related impacts modelling; the provision, accessibility, quality and usefulness of climate services. This has been recognised by governments, scientists and decision-makers worldwide and has led to the creation of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS).

News: in a recent symposium funded by ECOMS and EUPORIAS a number of European Experts gathered to identify a set of guiding principles that all actors involved should consider when developing new climate services. More information about the meeting and the outcomes here: http://www.euporias.eu/symposium

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